Art Reproduction

I produce extremely accurate and detailed digital images of artists' work in 2D and 3D media for use in books, promo materials, slideshows and online presentations. If you are a working artist, or you know or represent one, who needs high-quality digital images of artwork, please contact me to discuss the project. I can work wherever you need me - studio, home, gallery, or storage facility.

I use special techniques and equipment to ensure that every image faithfully represents the original by eliminating reflections, lighting flat artwork evenly edge-to-edge, and precisely managing digital color. You will receive two sets of digital files: one optimized specifically for the intended use, and a high-resolution master set that can be repurposed for any future use. If you like, I can work directly with your book publisher to help get the best possible quality from the printing press.

Standard workflow:

  1. Make high-resolution digital captures.

  2. Create consistent, color-managed digital masters.

  3. Make proof prints and review with client.

  4. Adjust color, contrast and brightness as needed for accuracy.

  5. Deliver final prints along with finished high-resolution files on DVD.

Options include:

  1. Append data about artwork (title, inventory number, year, medium, dimensions, etc.) to the image files.

  2. Produce a hardcover proof book as a sample of a planned book layout or as a catalog.

  3. Produce a DVD slideshow for viewing on a computer, TV or projection screen.


Watercolor by Sandro La Ferla